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MovementOne reports of zoom eye first appeared hum modulation modulation in a case report of the House, who said that a patient, surgery to remove a tumour of the eighth nerve cranial neuromas, developed tinnitus views look directly on the side or upwards or downwards was due to zoom through the Exchangehad suffered. 17 over the next 20 years, several reports that may be more cases in the literature seems suspicious, which caused this look or modulated respected tinnitus is a rare complication of surgery of acoustic neuroma. 18-20, in an attempt to recruit patients of acoustic neuroma with tinnitus for our investigations, to a single patient contact known newsletter Acoustic Neuroma issues if it could zoom by moving your modular caused his eyes to look at. A warning was also tinnitus patients, today, if they are modular could change your tinnitus by its appearance or any other motor act like a tightening of the jaw or the movements of the head or neck. The literature that tinnitus because a glance caused suggest is a rare phenomenon, we expected a small response. On the other hand, 159 patients contacted us. A detailed questionnaire sent to the respondents and returned questionnaires 113; 5 of them were caused views not tinnitus. 21 87 patients having undergone a Neuroma surgery reported that caused tinnitus or modulated look look developed. Removal of the tumor in most cases (95%) resulted in a complete loss of hearing in the affected ear. The average duration of surgery was 7 years 6 (SD, 6 5 years). These results indicate that this caused/modulated zoom is much more common than believed. Most (77%) Acoustic Neuroma patients reported that he heard the buzzing in the ear or on the side of the head where the tumor was removed, the ringing in the ear heard anyone or the other side of the head on the removal of a tumor. 21 in this example, the appearance of the buzz caused page increase volume ~ 99% Acoustic Neuroma patients. Approximately 44% of the patients reported a doubling of loudness with panorama side and ~ 37% reported that was three times higher. Most patients (~ 89%) reported that the sound of their tinnitus with eye movements; rising only ~ 7% reported a decrease and ~ 4% reported increases and decreases. About one-third of the subjects reported a tripling of its tone and ~ 47% indicated that overlap. These results show that the change in tone and volume of eye movements induced significant in patients with tinnitus caused views/modulated Acoustic Neuroma. About 22% of all of our patients with tinnitus caused/modulated Acoustic Neuroma has indicated that the volume of their tinnitus changes mandibular movements (somatic tinnitus). 22 most patients (~ 90%) reported an increase in volume. About 69% indicated that their tinnitus doubled the jaw movements. the small remains moderate changes in intensity has informed. Movements increased almost total field (~ 95%) of all patients with views of tinnitus caused; the change of tone in 72% of patients has doubled. Surprisingly seventeen respondents indicating that it had not known of any Acoustic Neuroma surgery; However, indicated that he had seen caused/modulated for tinnitus. Most (~ 94) indicated that the volume of your zoom caused the eye movements increase, in half of the cases, the volume has doubled with the movement of the eyes. In the majority of cases (80%) and eye movement caused growing concern and two-thirds of the cases, there was a doubling of the perception of height. These results show that this look of the acoustic neuroma surgery is not a prerequisite for the development of tinnitus. About 80% of these patients also reported that the volume of their tinnitus changes mandibular movements; in most cases, the tinnitus has increased the volume. The movements also tends to increase the apparent tone in most patients. In recent years, had suffered numerous retrospective studies in patients with resection of tinnitus control philippines the Neuroma. A study indicated that 36% of tinnitus patients had caused the views of post-operative situations in 15 months and dropped the figure to 19% to 62 months after the operation. 23 a significant risk for the development of the factor caused tinnitus seen preoperative was the presence of tinnitus. Another study of acoustic neuroma patients has prevalence caused by 19% with the look of tinnitus. Interestingly, reported 14% of these patients with somatic tinnitus through the movements of the head and neck regions can be modulated. 22,